Job Descriptions and Qualifications

Assistant Athlete Evaluator (Hourly)

Our company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of assistant athletic. If you are looking for an exciting workplace, please look at the qualifications below.

Responsibilities for assistant athletic
  • Performs other duties and special projects as requested and assigned by Head Trainer and Team Physician.
  • Attend intercollegiate practices and home events.
  • Provide health counseling and educational support to student-athletes as part of their overall athletic experience.
  • Communicate frequently with Head Coaches as to the status and progress of student-athletes.
  • Responsible for the management of student medical records and treatment documentation.
  • Assist student-athletes and, as appropriate, their families in navigating the health insurance and health care system.
  • Collaborate with doctors and other allied health professionals to deliver first-class, well-coordinated, quality care to student-athletes.
  • Assist with other administrative tasks as necessary.
  • Consult with Head Coaches in the design of Strength & Conditioning design.
  • Teach in the required physical education curriculum a variety of activities.
  • Helps create and schedule content for all social media platforms.
  • Assists in the execution of deployment of university-wide athletics campaigns and social media marketing strategies.

Event Coordinator

Sports events coordinators perform various functions to ensure the events under their supervision occur without hindrance.

Responsibilities for Events Coordinator
  • Putting together an organizing committee for sports events.
  • Ensuring and providing adequate security for the entire process of an event.
  • Overseeing and inspecting the entire sporting facility to ensure that they are all up to standard.
  • Appropriate management of ticket sales and marketing by ensuring that they are readily available.
  • Working in relation with the organizing committee to make arrangements for guests’ and clients’ accommodation and transportation.
  • Distributing different tasks to different members of the organizing committee to ensure that all duties are exercised effectively and everything runs smoothly.
  • Tackling the various issues associated with the business side of sports while ensuring that clients are focused on full participation and winning the sports events or competitions.
  • Making adequate preparations/laying a solid foundation for the commencement of a sporting.

Movement Assessment Evaluator (Licensed)

There are various reasons for utilizing a movement assessment, from improving communication and unity among your staff to improving your filter for complex movement.

Responsibilities for Movement Assessment Evaluator
  • Demonstrate movement patterns that produce pain within the expected ranges of movement.
  • Identify individuals with non-painful but limited movement patterns who are likely to demonstrate a higher potential risk for injury with exercise and activity.
  • Identify specific exercises and activities to avoid until competency in the required movement is achieved.
  • Identify and logically link screening movements to the most effective and efficient corrective exercise path to restore movement competency.
  • Build a description of standardized, fundamental movement patterns against which broader movement can be compared.

Athlete Evaluator (Licensed)

Responsibilities for Athlete Evaluator
Responsibilities as an Area Scouts Evaluator

As an Area Scouts Evaluator, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Working with youth athletes of all ages, some are currently on board the Area Scouts platform, and some are interested in joining the Area Scouts platform in or around your territory.
  • Athletes under the age of 16 require parental consent to join the program.
  • Partnering with and working with local and national sports organizations and facilities in or around your territory or the Area Scouts Operations Team assigned to you.
Weekly Responsibilities as an Area Scouts Evaluator
  • Make initial contact with the athletes/parents as they come onboard the platform.
  • Identify the athlete’s needs, maintain consistent contact, and assist as needed.
  • Direct the athlete/parents to the development calendar (located on the platform), where they will book a day/time that works around both of your schedules.
  • Business / Athlete volume may require some flexibility in your schedule.
  • On the date of the scheduling, you will meet the athletes/parents in person, and conduct the initial Area Scouts BASE Evaluation™, along with any subsequent evaluations which were requested upon evaluation/event schedule.

Depending on each athlete’s individual results from their specific Sport, Position, and Skillset evaluations, the athletes will receive INSTRUCTIONS and individual CORRECTIVE MEASURES through their Area Scouts Profile Dashboard or *Mobile Application.

Requirements as an Area Scouts Evaluator:
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years experience in the sport you wish to work in.
  • Verify your experience/reputation via a 10-minute interview process in the event that we are not able to verify this information internally.
  • Pass a Worldwide / National Background Check upon acceptance into the program.
  • Complete the Area Scouts Training before working with our athletes.

Managing Partner Regional

Responsibilities for Managing Partner
  • Maintaining positive client relationships and driving new acquisitions.
  • Developing and implementing organizational goals, procedures, and policies.
  • Consulting and cooperating with other executives, board members, and employees.
  • Managing, monitoring, and reviewing business operations.
  • Identifying improvement gaps and implementing corrective measures.
  • Reviewing and overseeing all financial activities, performance, and documentation.
  • Overseeing hiring activities and approving contracts.

Responsibilities for Managing Requirements

  • Degree in business administration or a related field.
  • Master’s degree preferred.
  • Extensive managerial experience.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Executive decision-making skills.
  • Strong strategic and analytical mindset.
  • Exceptional business acumen.

Regional Manager (Up to 5 Franchise Locations)

Responsibilities for Regional Manager
  • Oversee the operations of multiple office, store, or business branches.
  • Guide, train and manage lower-level management and supervisors.
  • Prepare performance reports for presentation to upper administration.
  • Organize and implement training programs for staff in the entire region.
  • Ensure that all branches follow safety, health, and business laws and regulations.
  • Uphold company standards of excellence and service, guaranteeing quality performance.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team for the planning of large events.
  • Maximize company profits at the branches you supervise.
Qualifications for Regional Manager
  • Strong math skills to crunch numbers and keep track of your region’s profit.
  • Ability to motivate others on a team and help them succeed.
  • Multitasking skills and the ability to tend to multiple problems at a time.
  • At least three years of experience delegating tasks to a team.
  • Problem-solving skills, especially in situations of high stress.
  • Strong knowledge of company policy, goals, and standards.
  • Organizational skills to manage large amounts of information.
  • Ability to generate a variety of reports and presentations displaying regional performance.
  • Strong customer service skills in the areas of handling disputes and treating customers with care.

Area Scouts Operation Team

  • Spearheading public relations between athletes, coaches, other athletic personnel, and media.
  • Accounting for team travel plans.
  • Balancing an organization’s income against financial obligations.
  • Scheduling public events where members of your Team will be present and documented.
  • Partnering with promotional brands, launching fundraisers, and landing endorsements to further bolster team marketing efforts.
  • Instructing team personnel and athletes on methods for correct media interaction.
  • Monitoring ticket sales.

Internship (Operations/ Franchise Locations)

  • Provide inventory control and distribution management for event equipment, supplies, and apparel.
  • Planning and executing field and event site set-up.
  • Assist the Area Scouts Operations Team with staff organization and scheduling.
  • Assist in the design process and inventory of apparel.
  • Create pre-order forms for apparel sales.
  • Create an athlete application for new/current athlete.
  • Create a proposal to a local non-profit to initiate a partnership.
  • Create tournament manuals and check-in instructions.
  • Proactively contact and respond to team managers and coaches about their responsibilities after registering for tournaments, apparel orders, and payment. This communication entails emails and phone calls.
  • Assist with daily tasks leading up to a tournament.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Sports Director (Collegiate, Sem-Pro, or Professional Experienced Required)

Responsibilities for sports director
  • Art Direction and approval of final print, digital, and motion creative.
  • Help ensure Creative Team’s priorities are aligned with Creative Director, Sr.
  • Uphold and continually develop our Team Sports Brand Guidelines.
  • Formulate basic layout design or presentation approach, and specify material details, such as style and size of type, photographs, illustrations, graphics, motion graphics, and all media related to Team Sports creative.
  • Presentation of final artwork, digital or motion content to internal clients.
  • Manage the Team of designers responsible for our Team Sports business units, including but not limited to USA Football, Global Football, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Olympics, Tennis, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, and Rugby.
  • Prepare and distribute promotional materials via mail, email, website, and social media.
  • Responsible for all aspects of media relations, cultivating professional relationships to ensure coverage of student-athletes and sports-related news.
  • Provide information and services to the campus community, general public, and media regarding PLU athletic teams.
  • Prepare and manage the Sports Communications budget following university policies annually.
Qualifications for sports director
  • Manage the athletic department website, calendar, and other media outlets.
  • Prepare game programs, recruiting brochures/schedule cards.
  • Responsible for all aspects of game day operations, including managing events, scheduling statistics crews and photographers, supervising the press box, and providing scripts for the public address announcers.
  • Facilitate online broadcasting of games by arranging internet webcasts of most athletic events.
  • Hire, train, manage, and mentor students for game day operations and office responsibilities.
  • Maintain and update department archives.

Assistant Sports Director (Up to 5 Franchise Locations)

  • Assists the Sports Director in the development of an annual budget and its implementation.
  • Assists the Sports Director with the development of the interscholastic athletic schedules and officials’ schedules for all contests.
  • Assists the Sports Director in the coordination of transportation for all athletic contests.
  • Assists the Sports Director in the coordination of support personnel for all athletic contests, including game management, ticket sales, security, athletic trainer and emergency personnel and apparatus.
  • Assists the Sports Director in the supervision of the athletic coaches.
  • Implements and monitors Sports of the Athletic Code of conduct.
  • Assists the Athletic Director in the supervision of all contests.
  • Represents the district, as needed, at Conferences, District III, and state meetings for administering the interscholastic athletic program.
  • Assists the Sports Director in ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations relating to athletics are applied and followed, including Title IX and other federal laws and regulations, state laws, and regulations.
  • Creates materials to publicize athletic and sporting events, both in printed and electronic formats, for the purpose of disseminating information and fostering enhanced awareness among students, staff, and the community in recognizing and supporting the school’s athletic programs and attending events.
  • Maintains a professional relationship with media sources for the purpose of providing information regarding schedules, postponements or cancellations, sporting event statistics, records, and other relevant information.
  • Coordinates with others for the purpose of scheduling ancillary activities that occur prior to, during, and after sporting events, such as musical programs, press boxes, scorers tables, half-time programs, police coverage, ticket sales, availability of on-site medical care, concessions, custodial services, and other related activities.
  • Handles all accidents and injuries in accordance with school policies and applicable laws and regulations, including reporting and documentation requirements.
  • Maintains records and documents as required and necessary to ensure proper documentation of athletic program activities, events, participation, and related information for the purpose of complying with school policies as well as applicable laws and regulations.
  • Responsible for carrying out all other duties assigned by the Sports Director and/or a district administrator.