About Us

What is Area Scouts?

Area Scouts ™ is a one-of-a-kind nation-wide platform, with an emphasis on overall athlete health and development.

Area Scouts provides athletes with a state of the art assessment, an athlete development program/score, and professional evaluations. Through our innovative B.A.S.E. Assessment™, and Professional grade scouting reports, athletes will be given specific tools to enhance their skill set and achieve success.

What do we do?

Area Scouts provides every athlete with a complete athlete profile, outlining their overall physical foundation, on-field statistics, and REAL-TIME evaluation grades and metrics.





Our Programs Include

  • Area Scouts Athlete Development Score™
  • Pro Grade Scouting Report
  • Area Scouts Rank™
  • Area Scouts Health and Performance Score™

About B.A.S.E. ™


B.A.S.E. is comprised of a movement screen, energy and power analysis, sport-specific kinetic chain evaluation, and overall strength/stamina test.


The B.A.S.E. assessment will provide every athlete with a completed outline of their overall physical foundation. The B.A.S.E. assessment reviews the body from the ground up and provides essential feedback in order to maintain athlete health, and to continue developing athletic performance.


B.A.S.E. was created through a collaboration of Physicians, Physical Therapists, and numerous Sports Industry Professionals. In conjunction with the Area Scouts platform, B.A.S.E. will provide every athlete with all of the tools necessary in order to succeed at the next level.


Area Scouts provides each athlete with a comprehensive movement screen and athletic assessment. These evaluations are followed up by a series a corrective measures provided to each athlete by leading Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Orthopedists, and numerous Industry Professionals

On Field Assessment (13+)

Every premium athlete will have the opportunity to perform an on-field assessment that will be evaluated and graded using a series of benchmarks and position-specific objectives developed by our Team of Directors. Athletes will be provided with the proper guidance and exercises in real-time, so that they can have the best chance to improve upon areas that need help or to build upon their current skill set.

Youth Development Program (12U)

Athletes 12 years old and under will be able to showcase all their on-field skills in a fun and exciting manner. They will learn all about the way they move and will receive video-based coaching and training on how to improve their fundamentals from current and former professional athletes and coaches. Our youngest players will also have the chance to learn about the data and analytics that are currently being used at all levels of their respective sports today

REPORT (13+)

Athletes 13 and older and their families will have the option to receive a professional grade scouting report. These reports are written by Professional Scouts with years of experience at the highest levels and can be shared through the platform as desired, in order to maximize exposure to coaches, recruiters, and scouts

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