Hi Everyone!

Joey Lye here – National Director of Fielding for Softball. 

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario before heading to the US to attend Williams College (in Massachusetts) where I played Division III Ice Hockey and Softball.  Since graduating in 2009, I have spent my time coaching in the NCAA as well as playing for the Canadian National Softball Team – highlighted by our qualification for Tokyo 2020. 

The one-year-delay of the Games has resulted in the expansion of my comfort zone in many ways and after walking away from my career to focus on training, I’ve been fortunate to have a variety of opportunities come my way. 

This position with Area Scouts is one of those opportunities and I am bursting with eagerness as we wait to see how many athletes we can impact through our platform! 

Recently, my passion has grown surrounding providing better access to athlete development and I was instantly sold on the Area Scouts model when I learned of the low-cost membership fees paired with so many high-quality individuals behind the vision and content.

Sports were what my childhood revolved around and, thankfully, my adult life does too!   I LOVED playing sports growing up and I think it is SO important for youth athletes to find enjoyment in their practices and games.  Development and progress can be big pieces of that enjoyment – reaching goals, seeing improvement, and overcoming challenges can all provide motivation and fulfilling moments to athletes. 

I am an in-the-flesh example of what it looks like to follow your dreams and hope to inspire many young athletes to chase their own!

Whether an athlete wants to learn some basics, reach for the stars, or anything in between, those are the milestones I look forward to helping athletes reach. 

Most importantly, my hope is that athletes everywhere enjoy the journey they are on, find satisfaction in the work they put in, and live in the moment as much as they can.

I look for every reason to smile in life and anticipate doing so often as I, and we, continue to grow through 2021 and beyond.

Stay safe and all the best to you and your loved ones!