When Lance Baldwin envisioned Area Scouts 10 years ago, he wanted to be able to provide athletes of all ages with the opportunity to continue their development while being able to put an emphasis on overall health and strength improvements. He hated seeing youth athletes leave their sports because of nagging injuries or just simply losing interest. He was thinking of ways to be able to provide all athletes, from all over the world, with the best resources, the best coaches and training, the best physical therapists, and the ability to do all of this, from their own living room or from their own backyard.

COVID-19 has really challenged each one of us physically, mentally, and emotionally over the last 10 months. Like each and every one of you, we understand how the world has changed around us. So, we here at Area Scouts, want to be able to bring a bright spot to your new training days at home, or your new training days at the field. 

Being able to move efficiently, to develop and maintain strength, and being able to pair that with sports specific movements and corrective trainings are cornerstones to development.  Our goal here is to help facilitate those foundations of development, helping athletes move better, develop quicker, all while keeping them on the field and competing. So many athletes want to be able to hit three-pointers before they can make a foul shot or bend a kick before they can make nice touch passes to their teammates.  We can help guide your development as an 8-year-old or put the finishing touches on your development as an 18-year-old. Our mission here is to help provide guidance and the necessary resources to help you achieve the ultimate success at the next level, whether that is making the Little League All-Star team, the Freshman team, or getting a Division 1 scholarship.

Like life, athletic development needs to be process oriented. Athletes need to learn how to move efficiently.  Learning how to squat, lunge, jump, and run without pain or discomfort is crucial to continuing with your skill development.   We are so excited to bring you the B.A.S.E. Assessment and our subsequent On-Field and On-Court Evaluations so that we can help provide the “Hows” and the “Whys” of what you do.  Once we know where you have been and why you do the things you do, we can help provide you with the necessary tools to guide your development.

How? By providing you and your athletes with Hall of Fame, Olympic, Major League, and Elite-Level coaching and instruction delivered straight to you, in real-time, and make it accessible both logistically and financially.

We look forward to working with each and every one of you!